February 29, 2012

Candy Crazy

Check the Behind the scene video!!!

February 23, 2012

Major models After Party.

NYFW Fall 2012 is over!!! 

We love Major/Mgmt bookers. Thank you so much for keeping us busy ♥

エージェンシーの打ち上げパーティーがThe Double sevenというミートパッキングのクラブでありました。普段オフィスで眉毛をつり上げてる怖いブッカーもこの日はダンスパーティー。ファッションウィーク中に電話でブッカーと口論したりした事も全部チャラになるラッキーな夜(笑

February 21, 2012

LA girls Street style at Melrose Trading Post.

The day after New York fashion week ended I flew to LA. Because New York was freezing! but I totally got charged in LA. It was perfect weather because you can still wear some layers which I love. If there is one thing I can't live without in LA It's going to the flea market on the  weekend. I will never miss it. 


This is Paisley, Orange county girl. I really loved her silver collar which she got at the flea market. She was very friendly and I had fun chatting with her.                    

 Paisley is wearing shirts from Forever 21, with collar clip from the flea market. Skirt from Topshop. cardigan from Uurban outfitter

This red dress looked really good with the cropped front. I'm gonna cut my dress like this too.
Leather jacket from Topshop. Red dress from Flea market, Hat from Forever 21.
Sunglasses is from Super.

I really loved this fur neck. it looked like it was attached to the black knitted dress.
Eurie is wearing Vintage Hat and fur. Shoes from TopShop, Sunglasses from Karen Walker.

I bought two super cute knitted sweaters that were remade by her. Her boyfriend is an artist and does sketches of her shoes. I saw one on her business card and it's super cute.
She has booths at Melrose trading post and Rose Bowl Flea markets. 
Follow her on Tumblr. Knorml.tumblr.com

I didn't really talk to this couple but I think they work at one of the booths.
I loveeed her red velvet jacket. I wish I asked her where she got it.

She has a perfect Sunday comfy Flea market outfit.

I feel like I've never seen this color Ray-ban but it look good with blond hair.. 

This tiny red dress totally works for her. 

This is Elise Montecastro, I was checking her out because I loved her open front striped shirt with gold neckless. When we walked pass each other she turned back and asked me for a street snap shot.
It turns out she is a blogger for LA weekly. She said they mostly feature art and music but they just started Fashion. Here is the link of me at the flea market! Thanks for mention about my blog, Elise♥    

This is Sunny. She is an amazing artist. I bought a drawing last time I was here. 
She was drawing on the paper at the time but now she paints on canvas.
Each painting has a story, If you ask her she will tell you.

Follow her on Titter @ sunnymayallison 

This is her puppy. Awwww.

I wasn't only taking pictures, I had really good shopping!!!! 

$5 - $20


February 18, 2012

Jad Gahandour backstage Fall 2012

 Jad Gahandour is amazing. I also walked for his collection last season at Lincoln center and I was in his lookbook as well (http://www.jadghandour.com/).

 The lookbook shoot was during fashion week last season. We shot from 10pm to 6am with no sleep but i didn't feel tired at all because i was just happy to be wearing stunning dresses.  I love his team and shooting with the amazing photographer Seth Sabal was a grateful moment. The director Kithe Brewster is the coolest guy in this world. He makes things work it out in any situation. 




Arielle Depinto Jewelry presentation backstage

make up by M.A.C

Walter presentation Fall 2012

Haus Alkire at lincoln Center

February 17, 2012